Bring in the New Year with a Healthy Weight! A healthy weight means a lot to our furry friends. It helps them live longer and have fewer side effects from illnesses, like arthritis and cardiac disease.

Measured Meals are best for our furry friends. This is so that you as the parent can observe any changes that could be concerning. Sudden weight change can also help with pointing the Doctors in the proper direction if they suddenly become ill.

Is your cat too skinny? This could be the result of Hyperthyroidism or kidney disease. Is your dog overweight and too sluggish even on a diet? This could be hypothyroidism. Your cat is overweight but suddenly drops weight like kitty is on a supper diet? This could be the symptom of diabetes. If you have any concerns about for pet’s weight, make an appointment and talk with the Doctors. We can help.

If a Thyroid test is needed, we are offering $5 off per test this month!