Senior Wellness

Did you know that most dogs and cats are considered “seniors” by the time they are 7 years old? Some even sooner than that if they are a large breed like a Great Dane or English Mastiff.

As our furry family members get older, their medical needs may change. You may notice that your pet is slowing down, not eating as much or maybe they seem out of it mentally. All of these changes should be brought the attention of your veterinarian at your next visit so they can address them and keep your pet as comfortable and happy as possible for as long as possible.

Because prevention is the best treatment, once pets reach their “golden years”, it is recommended that they see their veterinarian every 6 months for a comprehensive physical exam. This is to ensure that if anything is happening with your pet, that it is spotted and treated as soon as possible. Even though a lot of ailments cannot be cured, the earlier a problem is detected and treated, the better the chances of the most favorable outcome.

A physical exam by your veterinarian can tell a lot about your pet but not how things are doing internally, which is why we also recommend asking your veterinarian to run a senior blood panel on your pet at their next visit. This will include a:

*Complete Blood Count (CBC): which can identify problems such as anemia, blood infections and diseases, internal infection and bleeding disorders

*Comprehensive Chemistry Analysis: which is a test of many blood enzymes to evaluate internal organ functioning. Specifically the liver, kidney, pancreas and adrenal gland

*Thyroid Check (T4): the thyroid controls your pet’s metabolism and can contribute to weight loss or gain as well as some other behavioral changes

*Urinalysis: will test for bladder and kidney infections, bladder stones and kidney disease and can also confirm (along with blood testing) if your pet has diabetes

Because September is Senior Pet Health Month, we are extending a “senior citizen discount” to your pet, even if you don’t qualify for one yourself! For the month of September only, we will be offering our Senior Wellness Panel which includes CBC, Chemistry, T4 and Urinalysis (a $200 value) for only $170 with the purchase of a Wellness Exam!


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