We would like to thank Saint Seton’s Orphaned Animals for Sponsoring SSOA Operation Love. SSOA Operation Love is a discounted program to help families in need get the care their pets need. The below section goes over the requirements needed to qualify for financial aid. Funding may be restricted to the availability of funds provided by Saint Seton’s Orphaned Animals. All decisions are made by volunteers of Saint Seton’s Orphaned Animals and not by the staff at Loving Touch Animal Hospital. You may call and leave a message for Saint Seton’s Orphaned animals at 540-469-0691 or email them at SaintsetonsOA@gmail.com. If you have questions, Ms. Jen or Ms. Bec at Loving Touch Animal Hospital may be able to answer them.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL cases must be pre-approved before any discounted services can be offered. If approval is not obtained before the time of service, you will be responsible for all cost.

SSOA/LTAH will offer a reduced cost for those requesting Financial Aid that meets the following requirements:

Tier 1: Income from all household members must be less than or equal the US Poverty Guideline of 2018 plus an additional 20%. You will qualify for a price list that is cost + 20%.

Tier 2: Income from all household members must be less than or equal the US Poverty plus an additional 40% Guideline of 2018. You will qualify for a price list that is cost + 40%.

Proof must be provided before the approval of a Financial Aid appointment or the owner will be responsible for all charges at regular cost. Please email forms to SaintsetonsOA@gmail.com or fax to 540-371-1589.

Forms of proof include one of the following along with proof of residence:

  • Previous year household tax returns
  • Last 2 pay stubs from all income producers of the household
  • Bank Statement for previous 2 months.
  • Military LES statement

Those who qualify for Disability and/or SSI, and who are the actual owner(s), (minors cannot be owners) qualify for Tier 2. They must provide their SSI or SSD letter. Dependants must be under the age of 18 years.

Those approved for Tier prices will be allowed a 3 month period before they must reapply for additional aid.

For cases were an Owner may not be able to afford any cost of care, they must meet the requirements for assistance. If they qualify, their case will be presented to the Board members available where a discussion of the case and the status current funds available for Compassion Care will be evaluated. The goal is to be able to help as many families as we can.