Here at Loving Touch Animal Hospital, Dental Health is an important part of your pets care. In an attempt to make proper dental prophylaxis cleaning affordable to as many as possible, we now offer a Dental Package.

Pre-Surgical Exam is required for all Patients before a Dental can be scheduled.

Our Dental Package includes for the package price of $762.00*:

  • Patient Pre-surgical Evaluation
  • Presurgical Bloodwork, Comprehensive Chemistry and CBC
  • IV catheter and IV Fluids
  • Anesthesia and Induction
  • Full Mouth Dental Radiographs
  • Cleaning, Scaling, and polishing
  • Oral Blocks
  • Extractions and Gingival Flaps if needed
  • Post Procedure pain control
  • Antibiotics and medications to go home if necessary
  • Hospitalization
  • Post dental Cold Laser therapy for gingivitis

*All Patients must be current on Rabies, Distemper, and for our Canine patients Bordetella and Heartworm Test. Package does not include Pre-surgical exam fee.