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The mission of our practice is to provide our clients with excellent, affordable veterinary care.  We find clients can be fearful of the cost of a procedure and put it off due to the unknown.  We strive to provide as much information as possible, up front, about our fees.  If you need a procedure not on this list, please ask the doctor.  Please note we do accept CareCredit and we are working toward establishing a payment plan.  

**Please note fees may vary for larger animals or if the procedure is more complex than normal.  All fees will be discussed at the pre-surgical examination an estimate will be provided in writing.  

Pre-surgical Examination:  

We want to ensure the best outcome for your pet and to provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your pet's care.  More importantly, our doctor's need to examine your pet to determine if he or she is a good candidate for surgery!  The pre-surgical examination is $50.00.  New patients receive a ten percent discount off of the examination fee.

We will also need a copy of your pet's medical history, any x-rays, blood work and any doctor's notes.  These records can be faxed to our hospital at:  540-371-1589.  If your pet needs vaccines or a heartworm test (dogs), we can take care of that at your pre-surgical examination.  Please look under the heading for, "Wellness Care" to learn about pricing for this care.

At your pre-surgical examination, we urge you to consider a pre-anesthetic panel with a CBC (blood count), chemistry panel, and urinalysis.  We encourage you to consider these diagnotics because we want to ensure your pet can process the anesthetic drugs.  There is always a risk anytime a pet is put under anesthesia, and we want your pet to have the best outcome.  Some procedures may require a pre-anesthesia panel due to the complexity of the procedure or concerns the doctor may have about your pet's health.  Your doctor will discuss this with you at the pre-surgical examination. 

We also urge you to consider an IV catheter with fluids during surgery to help your pet maintain good blood pressure during the procedure and to enable the doctor to administer medications during surgery.  The pre-anesthesia panel, and the IV catheter with IV fluids are required for pets aged seven years and older.

Please budget for an e-collar and pain medications.  The e-collar is normally $10.00 for an average size dog or a cat.  Pain meds can range from $15.00 - $25.00, depending on the complexity of the procedure and how much pain management is needed to keep your pet comfortable.  By way of example, a Bull Mastiff who requires a leg amputation would require far more pain management than a cat neuter.  Please understand we cannot quote these fees until we see your pet at your pre-surgical examination.

SURGERY FEES  *Includes anesthesia and surgery only.  Does not include hospitalization (if required), medication or any other services.


Please note, you may opt to have laser surgery for an additional $35.00 for most soft tissue procedures.  Please ask your doctor if your pet is a candidate for laser surgery at your pre-surgical visit.  Please note the surgical fees below include anesthesia and the surgical procedure.  Additional fees will apply for pain management and e-collar.  Don't worry!  These fees are not unreasonable and will be discussed with you at your pre-surgical examination.

To aid in healing, we offer cold laser therapy on your pet's incision site and after dental procedures.  The fee for cold laser therapy of the incision site is an additional $35.00.  This is optional.

Laser Package:  If you opt for laser surgery and cold laser therapy on the incision site, the fee for both is $50.00.

Surgical & Dental Procedures and Fees

Dental Cleaning with ALL extractions  $450.00  with spay/neuter surgery the fee is $350.00 plus the fee for the spay/neuter surgery.

Leg Amputation

Cats:   $455.00  Dogs:   $655.00

Tail Amputation (medical necessity):  $355.00

Toe Amputation:  $375.00

Anal Sac Removal:  $575.00

Bloat/Stomach Torsion (emergency surgery):  $1595.00

Gasteroplexy/Stomach Tacking (prevents bloat) with no other surgery  $655.00  With spay:  $200.00 With neuter:  $300.00  Plus fee for spay/neuter

Cherry Eye Repair:  $300.00 per eye

Cystotomy (bladder stone removal):  $995.00  After hours:  $1995.00

C-Section with spay (not done without spay):  

During normal hours:  $555.00

After hours (emergency):  $1855.00

Ultrasound prior to planned C-Section:  $375.00

Dew Claw removal for adult dogs (for medical reasons only):  $125.00 per dew claw

Eye enucleation:  $400.00 per eye

Entropion:  $325.00 per eye

Esophageal Feeding Tube:  $150.00

Exploratory:  $855.00  

Foreign Body Removal:  $955.00 After Hours $1955.00

Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) – $995 (for cats and dogs under 25 pounds only)

Hernia Repair Diaphragmatic:  $1500.00 Inguinal:  $455.00

Umbilical:  $155.00.  With spay/neuter surgery:  $50.00  plus the fee for the spay/neuter surgery.

Nasal Fold Resection:  $655.00

Nasal Stenosis:  $250.00 With other procedure (dental or spay/neuter) $100.00  plus the fee for the spay/neuter surgery or Dental.

Neuter, Cryporchid:  $175.00 (in addition to neutering fee) 

Pyometra:  $455.00 After Hours:  $1455.00

Rectal Prolapse (external):  $305.00 

Splenectormy:  $855.00  After hours:  $1855.00

Stomach Tack:  $400.00.  With spay:  $200.00  plus the fee for the spay/neuter surgery.  With neuter:  $300.00 plus the fee for the spay/neuter surgery.

Vaginal Fold Resection with laser:  $690.00

New Patients

10% OFF your examination for new patients.

Hospital Hours

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***Surgery is scheduled by appointment only.

Surgery drop-off time is from 8:30-9:00 am***

A $50 deposit will be collected at the time of scheduling a surgery.  This deposit is refundable with 72 hours notice of cancellation.

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